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Since 1968...

Havelberg Kennels has been offering top quality dog boarding, training and behavioural consultation services in Canada and abroad!

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Dogs are cared for by animal care specialists, not students or volunteers.

Designed and built to ensure comfort, safety and security.

The kennel is inpsected annually and fully licenced by the Municipality of Clarington.


  • I would like to thank you all very much. Wolf, you have done a miraculous job with Ty. Your touch with dogs has only become more amazing as the years pass.

    Pamela Marr
  • I cannot say enough positive things about them. For the last 20 years they have taken care of my dogs and trained them. Never have they been sad to go, perhaps sad to leave.

  • It was evident that they are very knowledgeable about dogs, their care, needs and behaviour. Our furry boy was taken excellent care of.

  • Best kennel ever!!! Dogs were happy, well-adjusted, couldn't ask for more. Thanks guys!

    D. & J.



Feel comforted knowing your dog is being well cared for while you're away! Clean, comfortable and spacious 4' x 18' indoor/outdoor runs. Quality food is included, but owners are welcome to bring their own if their pets have special dietary needs. The building is temperature controlled, kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. All breeds, sizes and temperaments welcome!


We offer a complete obedience program, which includes agility work and off-leash training. We mold ideal canine companions by encouraging desired traits through positive reinforecement, repetition and consistency. The key, however, is establishing a common language with which to communicate and develop a mutual understanding and respect. We specialize in dogs with behavioural issues such as aggression, hyperactivity and excessive barking.

Four Step Training System

FREE EVALUATION and CONSULTATION: Since individual dogs vary in both physical and mental capabilities, each dog is evaluated prior to being accepted into the program. This allows the trainer to access both dog and owner, so that a reasonably accurate projection can be made regarding the finished product. Also, any special requests can be discussed.
IN-BOARD OBEDIENCE TRAINING: Training takes six weeks, but may vary depending on the animals temperament, trainability and training history. Dogs stay at Havelberg Kennels the entire time and are worked regularly by professional trainers.
OWNER TRAINING SESSION: Once the training is completed the owner is taught how to handle the dog correctly, learning the proper footwork, timing, praise and correction techniques.
FOLLOW-UP SESSION: A week or so later the owner/dog team return for a brush-up session to make sure the transition from kennel to home is successful. To help keep your dog in prime condition, we continue to train and exercise their skills whenever they are kept at the kennel for boarding.


$25.00 / day
Professional Staff Clean & Modern Facility Indoor/Outdoor Kennel Nutritious Food Reserve Today!
$1,800.00 / 6 weeks
Free Consultation All-Inclusive Boarding Training Follow-Up Support Free Consultation!
Boarding & Brush-Up
$30.00 / day
* Only for dogs trained at Havelberg Kennels Obedience Brush-Up Agility Course Socialization With Dogs Make Arrangements!

About Us

Havelberg Kennels was established in 1968 by Wolfram H. Klose, a former German Police Officer. He achieved the Dog World Award of Canine Distinction in 1970, becoming a Canadian record holder by completing all the obedience degrees in just over four months, with his German Shepherd Dog, Axel vom Havelberg, UD. Many of the dogs he has trained have appeared in television and movie productions.

Today, Havelberg Kennels continues to offer its professional training services, patiently teaching dogs and their owners how to live and work together. The long tradition of boarding dogs at the kennel for the duration of their training, has proven to be both highly successful and convenient for pet owners.

Metro News

Metro News2009

Nicknamed "Wolf" by his friends and family, the 68-year-older owner of Havelberg Dog Academy has trained dogs for Hollywood movies and CBC television productions and has won his share of dog training awards."

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Toronto Star

Toronto Star1974

But it wasn't until he came to Canada that Klose discovered he had a gift for training dog. "Some people are just born to be trainers... you have to have a certain touch for it. In fact, you have to be able to think like a dog."

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After a 50 year committment to dog training and boarding, Wolfram is now retired and Havelberg Kennels is closed for business. However, if you would lke to reach him please fill out the form below. He will get back to you as soon as possible.

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